With students poised to return to campus later this month it’s a great time to plan for the year to come and consider what sort of operational changes can benefit both you and your students. One of the most powerful trends that has continued to shape College & University dining in recent years is a shift to “ad hoc eating” by students, meaning they want what they want, how they want it, when they want it.

Younger diners are deconstructing traditional mealtimes and instead snacking and eating smaller meals at more times throughout the day. They are flocking towards grab-and-go concepts and are also daypart agnostic, eating what could be considered dinner foods in the morning and vice versa. This generation of students is adept at multitasking, studying or texting while eating to maximize their time.

In research conducted for UMass and their Chef Culinary Conference, students responded that they sometimes felt food was “held hostage” in the dining hall because they weren’t allowed to take it out. This year is a great time to “liberate” your meal service and create options that actively encourage students to take food out of the dining hall and into their busy lives.

With the ability to customize flavors and portion sizes, many Krusteaz Professional® baking mixes offer great opportunities to create exciting grab-and-go options to satisfy your student diners. Everything from muffins to desserts can be customized to suit the flavor profile of any time of day and then offer students the chance to eat their meals on the go.

Of all the significant shifts propelled by this generation of diners perhaps no cuisine has felt a greater impact than breakfast foods. On campus and out in the world, Millennials love to enjoy breakfast foods any time of day. Just look at how the broader foodservice industry has responded, with fast casual restaurants adding more and more brunch-like items to their lunch menus and breakfast-inspired desserts to their dinner services and QSR juggernauts like McDonald’s now offering an all-day breakfast menu.

You too can be part of this powerful trend by utilizing simple to prepare Krusteaz Professional pancake and waffle mixes to make breakfast dishes an easy option for students at lunch and dinner. It’s just one more way you can tailor your foodservice operations to meet the unique needs of your student diners and help them not only enjoy their meals more, but to also help fit delicious foods into the lifestyles they have chosen for themselves.

Source: FoodService Director