Once upon a time the humble biscuit, arguably the best-loved quick bread in America, was confined to the breakfast table with only an occasional afternoon cameo a brunch. Today however, biscuits are popping up all over leading menus and, in particular, are taking up residence on all day sandwich menus.

With a gently crisp exterior and flaky layered interior, Krusteaz Professional® Buttermilk Biscuits are known for their consistently beautiful texture and much loved flavor. The same crumbly consistently that has come to define biscuits and that we have worked hard to perfect might at first glance make biscuits and unlikely candidate for sandwiches. But consumers are showing time and again that they’re willing to sacrifice a little structural integrity for the big flavor and great texture that biscuits offer.

Chef-partner Nicole Jones has made biscuits the star of her menu at The Stomping Ground in Virginia, offering as many as eight different biscuit sandwiches at breakfast and lunch. “We’re really crazy about biscuits,” she says. But she also acknowledges that there are some special rules to follow when crafting biscuit sandwiches such as not going overboard with ingredients and toppings to allow the biscuit to shine and to help the sandwich hold together. Still, her biscuit sandwiches have a tendency to crumble a bit but her customers keep coming back for more. “They’re really meant for knife and fork,” says Jones.

With their mix of breakfast and lunch flavors, biscuit sandwiches conform perfectly to one of the hottest trends in sandwiches this year: items that are day part agnostic. Jason Gehring, Executive Chef of Mason Dixie Biscuit Co. in Washington, DC, intentionally blends flavors that might not be typically be found together on a biscuit to create balanced offerings that customers eat up all day long. For example, in discussing his Adobo Lamb Biscuit with Salsa Verde he says, “it sells any time of day.”

With the consistent results and outstanding flavor of Krusteaz Professional Buttermilk Biscuit Mix available to you with minimal labor and just-add-water simplicity, the possibilities for creating exciting biscuit sandwiches that draw from both breakfast and lunch flavors is nearly limitless, and so is your customers’ appetites for these great new sandwich experiences!

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