Recent research by Los Angeles-based consumer research company Instantly has shown that 20% of consumers frequently purchase Limited-Time-Only (LTO) flavored products and that for 60% of those who are often buying LTO products the primary motivation is trying something new. That’s a powerful flavor trend to be aware of as we head towards arguably the busiest time of the year for LTO offerings: fall and winter. In recent years a slew of enticing flavors have become regular fixtures during the cooler months, and each year operators are finding new and enticing ways to keep their most committed LTO customers coming back for more.

Perhaps no other flavor embodies this trend better than Pumpkin Spice. Since 2007, pumpkin spice flavor has increased its menu penetration by a whopping 400%! But the flavor has come a long way from the ubiquitous Starbucks Pumpkin Spice latte, finding its way it to a huge array of dishes from the breakfast table all the way through dessert. Other interesting flavors that have recently entered onto the scene fall and winter flavor scene from confectionary treats like gingerbread and marshmallow to fresh and exotic fruits from the orchard like quince and persimmon.

Krusteaz Professional® baking mixes are the perfect platform for crafting your own unique LTO items to both energize your existing customer base and draw in adventurous new flavor-seekers. From waffles and muffins in the morning to cakes and bars at night, when you start with Krusteaz Professional mixes there are so many easy ways to create something new and exciting. So start looking forward to cooler weather and get into the holiday spirit with your own line of LTO flavors this year.

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