Shepherd’s Grain Baking Mixes Address Many of the NRA’s Top Food Trends for 2016

With the New Year comes a new round of trend predictions from research firms, publications, and industry leaders. More than ever before, trends in sustainability, locality, and environmental sensitivity are topping the list of important issues for operators to keep in mind during 2016. The National Restaurant Association’s “What’s Hot, 2016 Culinary Forecast” includes in the top 10 food trends for the year to come natural ingredients/minimally processed foods, locally grown produce, and environmental sustainability. At Krusteaz Professional®, these are issues that have been important to us for a very long time, so we developed our Shepherd’s Grain™ line of baking mixes, giving you an easy solution for meeting these important consumer desires.

Shepherd’s Grain began through a partnership with a group of local progressive family farmers here in the Pacific Northwest and was born from a set of shared values like sustainability and ensuring a positive economic future for small family farms. All of our Shepherd’s Grain farmers operate under principles that promote the health of their local environment and keep soils productive for future generations. At the same time they produce wheat that meets our highest standards so we can be sure it goes to great use through our Shepherd’s Grain baking mixes.

It’s a wonderful collaboration that yields healthy communities and great tasting baked goods, and perhaps the best part is that along the way we haven’t sacrificed any of the qualities you depend on from your Krusteaz Professional baking mixes. Shepherd’s Grain mixes still feature simple, just-add-water preparations and are crafted to yield beautiful, consistent results that hold well and taste great.

Perfect for operators whose customers are clamoring for more sustainable menu options or particularly for college and university foodservice where students are leading the charge for more environmentally sensitive, Shepherd’s Grain products cover a full range of day parts. Mixes include Homestyle Cornbread, Southern Style Biscuit, Golden Muffin, Buttermilk Pancake, White Cake, Double Chocolate Cake, Yellow Cake, and Fudge Brownie Supreme.

Just like our other baking mixes, Shepherd’s Grain products are delicious on their own but also offer a great platform for branching out and creating your own custom creations. You can even incorporate other hot food trends like ethnic condiments/spices for any even greater resonance with consumers. Whatever your other resolutions for 2016 may be, include addressing important consumer concerns about sustainability and the environment through simple, consistent, and delicious Krusteaz Professional Shepherd’s Grain baking mixes.

Source: National Restaurant Association, “What’s Hot 2016 Culinary Forecast”