National Chocolate Month and Valentine’s Day Make February a Chocolate Lover’s Delight

The biggest chocolate lovers never need an excuse to eat their favorite sweet treat, but for the rest of us, February does everything it can to make this the biggest month of the year for enjoying chocolate. It’s not just because February is National Chocolate Month, but more importantly because February is home to the ultimate chocolate holiday: Valentine’s Day.

Most people think of Valentine’s Day as a chance to express their feeling for the most special person in their lives, and fortunately for operators, the vast majority chooses to do so by spending money! In fact it’s estimated that $19.6 billion was spent on Valentine’s Day 2015, with almost $2 billion going to the purchase of sweet treats like chocolate – more than 58 million pounds of it! And while research has shown that women are no more in love with chocolate than men, a supposed gender preference for chocolate still drives many Valentine’s Day spending decisions.

Of the total spent by American’s on or around Valentine’s Day, nearly $10 billion will be spent at restaurants on special meals with loved ones, so while love (and love of chocolate) is in the air, operators should be certain to have ample chocolate selections ready to order on their dessert menus.

With versatile products like Krusteaz Professional® Devil’s Food Cake Mix, it’s easy to bake up a large variety of easy to prepare and serve treats that will make your diners’ Valentine’s Day special this year. If you need a little inspiration from Cupid, try our decadent Chocolate Toffee Trifle or a perennial favorite like our Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Cake. Both are perfect showcases for the rich, moist cake and big chocolate flavor you can expect our Krusteaz Professional mixes to consistently yield, something for both you and your diners to fall in love with this Valentine’s Day season!

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