Love is in the air and chocolate is on the mind as we pull into February, not only the month that Valentine’s Day calls home, but also National Chocolate Month, making this officially one of the best times of the year for chocolate lovers everywhere. That said, January and it’s many resolutions towards healthier eating are fresh in your customers’ memories so they may find themselves conflicted when they want to indulge their sweet tooth. To give them the best of both worlds, leading operators are stocking their dessert menus with shareable desserts so that everyone can chip in and get a bit of what they crave.

It may seem to run contrary to the concept of guilt-free desserts, but these shareable selections actually tend to feature super-sized portions compared to regular dessert menu items. From slices of 12-layer cake that can feed up to four to cookies the size of cast iron pans, some of these dishes may seem outrageous but when ordered by the right size group, everyone ends up leaving the table feeling like they’ve made the healthy choice. “Sharing a dessert makes people feel like they are eating much less, so they are more inclined to order it when they are looking to cut back on desserts,” says Justin Leyvas, General Manager of Sushi Roku in Pasadena, CA.

Most any dessert can be scaled up to satisfy multiple diners but sundaes, particularly brownie sundaes, meet this need better than most. In fact, savvy operators can size brownie sundaes to order, offering up options for however many diners want to indulge, by adding additional brownie bars, ice cream, and toppings. It’s a fun and easy way to let your customers design their own dessert that’s perfect for sharing.

With Krusteaz Professional Fudge Brownie mix in your pantry, you’ve got the ideal tool for taking on this trend and serving up shareable desserts for your diners to enjoy. With our simple preparation and consistent results, you’ve got an easy way to keep brownies on hand that can be used in any number of super-sized dessert dishes. So think big to help your customers keep their waistlines small, and pretty soon you’ll be enjoying plus sized sales!

Source: NRN