Summer time and the living is easy. It’s a season when American consumers like to celebrate the best of American cuisine, whether in casual or refined environments. But this year there’s a new trend redefining summer favorites across menus this summer. From fast casual to fine dining, savvy operators are refreshing their usual seasonal offerings by elevating peasant cuisine to new levels of creativity and refinement. From street food inspired dishes to new takes on classic comfort foods, the trend of elevating peasant fare is poised to define summer menus across the country.

This elevation can take many forms, from deconstructing comfort food flavors and presenting them in new and novel ways to adding exotic or premium ingredients to simple dishes. Cornbread and corn muffins are about as simple as they come when thinking of classic American cuisine that’s perfectly at home during the summer months. While traditionally cornbread and corn muffins have traded on their simple, sweet corn flavor and fresh baked aroma, today top chefs are finding all sorts of ways to elevate this humble food.

Fine cheeses and specialty produce are just two of the ingredients being applied to classic cornbread during dayparts like lunch and dinner, while at breakfast extremely seasonal and local fruits like strawberries and cherries take corn muffins to new heights. Creativity and ingenuity are definitely on display when operators choose to take part in this trend and the simpler the fundamental dish being altered the better.

Sometimes simple foods like cornbread or corn muffins can provide a traditional starting point for updating other aspects of a dish, like deconstructing classic barbecue flavors or reinventing the all-American fish fry. That’s the sort of versatility that’s readily available with Krusteaz Professional® Cornbread and Corn Muffin mixes: on their own the provide consistent, classic results every time but for the adventurous chef they stand ready to accept your wildest imaginings for creating new and enthralling custom dishes.

It’s going to be a summer of adventure as new takes on classic flavors take over menus across the country, so be sure and take part in this exciting trend with your own exciting, on-trend offerings made using Krusteaz Professional’s reliable, simple, and easily customizable baking mixes.

Source: Forbes