Hot and Spicy Baby Back Ribs


    5 lb (17 1/2 cups) Krusteaz Professional® Western Chicken Breader & Batter Mix 733-0660

    1 1/2 oz (1/3 cup) garlic powder

    1 1/4 oz (1/3 cup) chili powder

    2 Tbsp ground cayenne pepper

    50 lb uncooked baby back pork ribs

    Barbecue sauce (optional)



50, 16 oz servings


    1. Place Krusteaz Professional Western Chicken Breader & Batter Mix, garlic powder, chili powder and cayenne pepper in mixer bowl.

    2. Using a paddle, mix on low speed 30 seconds.

    3. Rub pork ribs with breader mixture.

    4. Place coated ribs on paper-lined 24 x 16 x 1-inch sheet pans. Allow breaded product to rest, covered, under refrigeration for 1-24 hours.

    5. Place ribs on racks. For convection oven, bake at 300°F 40-45 minutes; for standard oven, bake at 350°F 60 minutes. Turn ribs once during baking. Baste with barbecue sauce, if desired.