BROWNIES will never be the same!

There are very few sure things in this world, but we are confident that this innovative batter in a bag will cause you to think differently about brownies forever. Krusteaz Professional 4 / 4 lb Ready to Bake Brownie Batter in a bag is #instantAMAZING

NEW! Patent-pending Innovation
• No mixing
• Baking experience not required
• Customizable
• Control how much you make
• Reduces labor costs
• No freeze/thaw process, minimizing prep time
• No freezer-burn
• No messy counters, clean-up is a snap
• Refrigerate up to 9 months
• No preservatives
• Chocolate chips in the batter

It’s the year of the BROWNIE
Krusteaz Professional Ready to Bake Brownie Batter in a Bag is our hottest innovation in the history of ever. Check out our Ready to Bake Brownie recipes…a new one for every month of the year!

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