Research firm Technomic recently took a look back at 2015 and shared a few exciting findings about opportunities on the dessert menu. They found that 63% of consumers eat dessert at least once a week and, perhaps indicating why that number may seem at odds with current health trends, 58% of all desserts are purchased on impulse. The key take away is that consumers can be inspired to take the plunge and order dessert as long as the right dish inspires them.

Of course, not every operation has the resources to support a dedicated pastry chef who can dream up exciting and intriguing dessert options to motivate customers. As Pat Cobe, Senior Editor at Restaurant Business poses the question, “how to capture that dessert-craving customer when there’s no pastry chef on staff, and the kitchen already is slammed?” She found that many leading operators are finding the solution to this problem in speed-scratch products that offer them a foundation for creating their own unique offerings without the time and effort of from-scratch preparations.

With dishes based in speed-scratch operators can keep their menus fresh, taking advantage of the latest flavor trends (according to Technomic caramel is currently the fastest-growing baked food flavor) and offering customers new items to try. It is also an opportunity for multi-unit operators to create master recipes that get a real boost in consistency across outlets thanks to their common speed-scratch starting point.

Creating dishes that rely on speed-scratch offers operators another great advantage because they lend themselves to flexible portion sizes. That’s important because according to Technomic, 34% of consumers say that they are more likely to order a dessert if a “mini-portioned” option is available. So from one speed-scratch starting point you can create signature recipes and then offer them in varying sizes, giving your customers yet another reason to add dessert to their bill.

At Krusteaz Professional®, we pride ourselves on developing baking mixes that serve exactly this function. While all of our products are delicious on their own, we’ve focused on perfecting their consistent results and ease of preparation so that operators can then have the freedom to be creative. With just one of our simple mixes in the pantry you can create practically an entire menu of great desserts.

For example, we started with our Krusteaz Professional Devil’s Food Cake Mix and created dishes like a Chocolate Toffee Trifle, Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Cake, Malted Milk Ball Bundt Cake, and Mochacchino Cupcakes! You can get more ideas and inspirations with our recipe finder, but the bottom line is that with Krusteaz Professional baking mixes you’ve got the perfect solution for increasing dessert business no matter what the cost and labor parameters of your operation!

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