Once again the annual National Restaurant Association Show was an incredible smorgasbord of intriguing innovations and delicious ideas. As the show wrapped up there we found a consensus over a few key ideas that are shaping up to be defining trends in the year to come, and Krusteaz Professional® has the perfect solutions to fully leverage all three:

Location, Location, Location

Local foods are still one of the hottest umbrella trends driving leading menus today. Consumers continue to express greater and greater interest in where their food comes from and operators who can call out the local sources for items on their menus are gaining both loyalty and profits. Shepherd’s Grain Baking Mixes™ are crafted through a partnership with progressive family farmers throughout the Pacific Northwest. Their story enhances the appeal of our already great tasting and easy to prepare products and is the easy way to add local flavor to the menu.

Earth Day, Every Day

The same consumer concern that is driving increased interest in local foods also continues to boost the importance of sustainable, earth-friendly menu items.  Shepherd’s Grain Baking Mixes are an ideal solution for meeting this trend as well. One of the reasons we’ve partnered with these particular family farmers is that they share our concern for the wellbeing of our world and farm using sustainable practices that ensure healthy soils and healthy grains for generations to come, and that’s something your customers will be glad to support as well.

Breakfast Time, Any Time

One final trend that was spotted at the NRA show was a move towards offering breakfast style items on menus all throughout the day. Reflecting a generation shift as well as today’s always-on lifestyle, almost 70% of consumers are looking for breakfast items on menus at times other than breakfast. With Krusteaz Professional’s full line of easy-to-use and fully customizable baking mixes, you have a ready solution for adding great breakfast items from the oven or griddle any time of day without significantly reorganizing your operation.

Source: NRA