It’s a brand New Year, and at Krusteaz Professional®, we’ve made a few resolutions for the year starting with a resolution to make our cake mixes better than ever! First, we reformulated our mixes so that they’re made without partially hydrogenated oils or artificial colors. Next, we revised our preparation instructions so that now they’re even easier to follow. The slight increase in water amount now yields an even better texture in all our finished cakes. 2017 is going to be a great cake year!

Removing the partially hydrogenated oils from our mixes reflects our commitment to supporting better consumer health today. As a growing number of consumers are looking for cleaner labels, we’ve taken the lead by removing all artificial colors. We have carefully reformulated our mixes to preserve the traditional taste, quality, and consistency consumers have come to depend on.

When making these changes, we noticed that our mixes now yield even better results. You’ll see that our cakes have an even better texture than they did before, with a perfect balance between lightness and density.

Of course, we know that you rely on Krusteaz Professional cake mixes to prepare the same great products you’ve been baking up for years so through all these updates and adjustments we maintained our focus on preserving the quality and consistency you’ve come to expect from our mixes. It’s a new year and a new day for Krusteaz Professional cake mixes, so enjoy these little updates and here’s to another year of making great cakes together!