Mom is #1, at least according to American dining trends. Recent data from the National Restaurant Association tells us that more than 80 million people will dine out to mark Mother’s Day this year, making it the biggest dining out occasion of the year, bigger even than Valentine’s Day. Last year diners were projected to spend an average of $173.63 on their holiday meal for a one-day total of $21.2 billion, up from $19.9 billion the year before. Of that huge surge in restaurant traffic, 33% will head out for brunch, with a significant portion seeking out brunch buffets.

Brunch buffets are practically an American tradition, one that operators have embraced to great affect for decades. Variety is the key component of the best buffets, so operators who commit to offering their customers a choose-your-own meal experience need to be prepared to serve up a wide range of dishes. Brunch is a great unifier, bringing together savory and sweet options in an approximately midday time frame for a dining experience that offers customers the most freedom in terms of what they choose to eat. With that opportunity comes the responsibility to serve dishes that draw from traditional lunch and breakfast fare, as well as unique dishes that are exclusive just to the brunch experience.

Baking mixes from Krusteaz Professional® are the perfect solution or cooking up a buffet’s worth of dishes with minimal ingredients and labor. Start with our basic baked good to offer up a basket of find baked goods, from muffins and breads to cookies, brownies, and bars. But these delicious baked goods are just a starting point for your brunch bounty. With a little creativity you can customize Krusteaz Professional baking mixes to yield an awesome array of dishes, many of which are ideal for a Mother’s Day brunch buffet.

Take our Krusteaz Professional Buttermilk Biscuit mix as an example. While our fresh and delicious biscuits are an essential component of any brunch buffet all on their own, with this one mix you can also bake up exciting dishes like our Biscuit Blossoms, Mexican Pinwheels, Bacon Broccoli Quiche, and Orange Cranberry Sticky Rolls! You can find these and many more great ideas for creating special dishes that start with our baking mixes at and you can customize Krusteaz Professional baking mixes with confidence thanks to our formulations that yield the same, consistent results every time with the simplest of preparations.

Mother’s Day 2016 promises to set a new record for single-day holiday dining, so be certain to gain your share of that incredible customer traffic by offering up a one-of-a-kind brunch buffet filled with a delicious variety of dishes made using Krusteaz Professional baking mixes!

Source: Fortune