It’s that magical time of year when the season really hits its stride and for customers both young and old thoughts turn to the sweetest ways to enjoy each holiday. Cookies are always a classic part of holiday celebrations and new research recently released by the American Egg Board is telling us that this is a year to celebrate variety, as consumers are more interested than ever in experiencing new holiday cookie flavors. According to their survey, nearly 75% of consumers are willing to try a new type of holiday cookie this year and with Krusteaz Professional® All Purpose Cookie Mix in your pantry you’ve got the simple solution for creating custom cookie flavors that are destined to delight.

Here are a few of the cookie flavor trends in the air this holiday season:

Spicing Things Up: More than half of consumers are expressing themselves through cookies that incorporate exotic spices that are a far cry from the time honored traditions of grandma’s house. Some ingredients like curry got their start in the exclusive realm of top chefs but are poised to hit the mainstream this year!

Everything AND the Kitchen Sink: Consumers who have trouble choosing just one of their favorite treats are in luck this winter because “Kitchen Sink” cookies that incorporate numerous ingredients many of which may never have been spotted in cookies before. This trend takes advantage of the balancing beauty of salty and sweet, but while years past might have featured salted caramel this year the cutting edge will be serving up chocolate chip cookies with mini peanut butter cups and potato chips!

Santa-Size It: In years past, cookies have been part of the trend towards smaller, bite-sized desserts that allow consumers to sample more flavor and feel indulgent without going overboard. But this season things are starting to swing back the other way with the advent of giant cookies that offer an extra dose of holiday cheer.

Cookies to Savor: Like so many sweet treats, the cookie horizon is being expanded to encompass many savory ingredients allowing leading operators to create unique and memorable dessert options. And what else but bacon could possibly lead the savory ingredient pack, adding its salty, smoky richness to holiday classics like the chocolate chip cookie.

With consumer tastes ever changing and more and more adventurous diners clamoring for variety it seems like savvy operators can satisfy both with wild and exotic cookie flavors this holiday season. So start with Krusteaz Professional All Purpose Cookie Mix and let your imagination run wild all while enjoying the same easy preparation and consistent results that you rely on all year round.

Source: PR Newswire