These days most mornings happen on the move so portable breakfasts continue to be a powerful draw for a wide range of consumers. From students to professionals to busy parents, a grab-and-go morning meal has moved from the exception to the rule, and this trend looks to strengthen in 2017. Breakfast sandwiches are an ideal way to take full advantage of this shift in dining habits. In fact, in their annual trend prediction report, market watcher Andrew Freeman & Co. named the breakfast sandwich the “Dish of the Year” for 2017, both for its easy appeal in the morning and for its growing strength on menus across all day parts.

Breakfast sandwiches come in many forms. They can feature traditional breakfast ingredients arranged in a sandwich-sized portion, or can be more adventurous showcasing exciting new ethnic flavors. Whatever the filling, one of the hottest versions of the breakfast sandwich places those ingredients on a fresh and flaky biscuit. Biscuit sandwiches are popping up on menus from fast casual to quick service because they offer a departure from the ordinary and a little extra comfort first thing in the morning. As the day moves forward, biscuit sandwiches remain a strong player on the menu, sometimes swapping out breakfast-oriented ingredients for more traditional lunch and dinner fillings, but increasingly keeping their breakfast form, offering diners the morning flavors they crave any time.

Creating dishes that are perfect for grab-and-go mornings is easy with Krusteaz Professional® mixes in your pantry. You can use our consistently delicious and flaky biscuits to create your own breakfast sandwich masterpiece or experiment with the many possibilities for muffin flavors to create your next great craveable dish that customers can enjoy on the go.

As the pace of life continues to accelerate, it will become more important than ever to meet the needs of consumers for quick and delicious foods that can be enjoyed on the go. While breakfast is a particularly essential time to offer grab-and-go solutions, those same dishes can boost sales at other dayparts as the marketplace increasingly shifts to non-traditional eating patterns. From dawn until dusk, a great breakfast sandwich will satisfy your diners any time of day.

Source: NRN