Intriguing and unexpected flavors are set to turn up the heat on dessert this summer. From petite sizes to big flavors, diners are in for a surprise as savory flavors, smoked ingredients, and bite-sized desserts take menus by storm.

Where there’s smoke

After last summer’s Fancy Food Show in New York, it was clear that smoke was on the rise as a leading flavor. Now leading chefs are bringing smoke’s unique, earthy aromatic quality to dessert. Some of the creative concepts we’re seeing involve spiking traditionally sweet ingredients like caramel with a blast of smoky chipotle or bringing balance to sweet dishes with a judicious application of smoked salt.

Sweets to Savor

In a related development, flavors typically associated with the savory side of the kitchen like chiles, herbs, spices, and salt are increasingly popping up on dessert menus. Everyone is familiar with salted caramel but elements like salted hazelnut mousse spiked with orange are taking the sweet-salty flavor combination to a whole new level. Meanwhile the heat of chili peppers and the exotic pungency of spices like curry powder and herbs like rosemary are redefining the dessert flavor profile and opening exciting new opportunities for innovative operators.

Little is Getting Big

With so many exciting new flavors to sample it’s no surprise that some diners are calling for bite-sized sweets, either so they can manage their consumption or – on the opposite end of the spectrum – so that they can try them all. Either way, diminutive desserts are a big opportunity to offer exciting, Millennial-friendly dessert samplers and to reach diners who typically wouldn’t order dessert because they’re looking for just a touch of sweet at the end of their meal.

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