Perfect for all seasons, pies are particularly at home during fall and winter celebrations

At Krusteaz Professional®, we follow the latest food trends to help our customers stay on the cutting edge of consumer demands. But when you spend so much time looking at what is hot and new, you also notice that there are some menu items that never seem to lose their luster. For all the trends that have come and gone on dessert menus over the years, good old-fashioned pie in all its many incarnations has always remained a favorite. While pie’s popularity never wavers throughout the year, it takes center stage as one of America’s all-time favorite desserts as the weather turns cooler and holidays like Thanksgiving approach.

Have you ever wondered how we got our name? “Krusteaz” is a fun combination of the words “crust” and “ease” that was thought up by the same group of women – all members of a Seattle bridge club – who came up for our first signature pie crust recipe all the way back in 1932. No matter how much we’ve grown and expanded since then, pie has always remained close to our hearts and we still take the greatest pride in our signature Krusteaz Pie Crust Mix, an easy-to-use, just add water solution that enables you to serve up pies that feature the same consistent, golden, flaky crust that our founders set out to share with the world.

You’ll be glad we’ve taken the guesswork out making the very best piecrust, because when it comes to fillings the possibilities are limitless. It’s no surprise that with the ultra popular pumpkin spice flavor still dominating menus, pie trend watchers predicted that pumpkin pie would continue its long run as a perennial favorite in 2015. But other interesting flavors perfect for cold weather pie making are also on the rise. Ginger and the fireside favorite S’Mores are two likely flavor candidates to start showing up more and more inside the crust. No matter what flavors you choose to feature in your pies, your customers will always appreciate the great crust surrounding your fillings.

While Americans may lean heavily towards sweet dessert pies, our crust is equally at home in savory preparations. Potpies, empanadas, and shepherds pie are all great opportunities to add menu offerings that speak to the consumer craving for comfort food and make excellent, hearty additions when the weather turns cold.

For more than 80 years we’ve made it the core of our business to help people everywhere make the very best pies, and with our simple Krusteaz Pie Crust Mix you’ll find it easy as pie to serve up a slice of this sweet treat that’s, well, as American as pie!

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