June is a month to celebrate with Father’s Day and loads of graduation business there for the taking, and nothing says celebration like offering up delicious cakes that help make an occasion special. While Father’s Day may account for just one day’s business, across the country nearly 10 million students will graduate this June. That means that almost every day this month you could be hosting graduation parties and helping boost your summer sales before the season has hardly begun.

The average family will spend more than $500 on a graduation celebration for their special student, and nearly one-third of all those celebrations will happen outside the home at a foodservice venue. An additional 17% of families will plan their party at home, but bring in food from a nearby restaurant to help make the day go smoothly. Nearly half of that massive spending will be allocated to restaurants with the right party-friendly offerings.

Cakes offer great opportunities for customization, whether that be flavors or decorations that suit any grad’s wish list. While specialty bakers may have once dominated the cake market, today any savvy operator with the right tools in their pantry can take a share of this booming business. With custom cakes leading the way, you can bundle together party offerings – both in-house and to-go options – to boost your overall food sales.

Krusteaz Professional® baking mixes have helped democratize the cake business, with a wide range of flavors ready to customize and decorate to suit any celebratory occasion. With our simple preparations and consistent results anyone can produce cakes worthy of a master baker and customers will be delighted without ever knowing how easy the baking process really was. From classics like Yellow and White cake to decadent dishes like Devil’s Food and fun, exciting flavors like Lemon, our full catalog of cake mixes and accompanying icing mixes help make cake baking a big new part of your summer business.

For ideas and inspiration, you can always get started with our surefire recipes at Krusteazpro.com and before long you’ll be baking up a storm to help make this year’s graduation celebrations and Father’s Day dinner more special than ever before!

Source: Visually