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Match Made in a Pizza Oven

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Brownie Batter in a Bag – for Pizzerias!

Bake it right in your pizza oven. Raise check totals in no time.

New! Patent-pending innovation
No mixing, no mess
Tastes #instantAMAZING
Pour Bake Amaze

So bag-to-pan easy.

Less labor.
  • No measuring
  • No mixing
  • No training
  • No messy cleanup
More flexibility.
  • Bakes in a standard pizza oven
  • Easy to include stir-ins
  • Makes various sizes and shapes
  • Ideal for meal deals and holiday promotions
  • No preservatives
  • 5-day storage (when baked and wrapped)
More delicious.
  • Perfect paper top
  • Chewy, fudgy texture
  • Chocolate chips in the batter

Johnny pour bake amaze
10 Month Refrigerated Shelf Life!
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Chocolate Chip Fudge Brownie Batter in a Bag

Case Pack

4/4 lb Pouches

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