Consumers are always on the lookout for fresh flavors and with a global market providing year-round availability, citrus fruits have a huge potential to make a positive impact on your menu. While lemon, lime, and orange have long played a broad role in both food and drink, grapefruit has also been increasing its menu presence. In fact, a previous study by Technomic’s MenuMonitor found that at chef-driven restaurants including independents and smaller fine-dining chains, often leading indicators of menu innovation, grapefruit reached 9.5 percent operator penetration for appetizers and 5.8 percent for entrées.

Citrus lends itself to all manner of dishes, from sweet to savory and from breakfast all the way through to dessert. It can be the star of a dish or play a supporting role to other bold flavors. It’s a classic flavor for baked goods and is also a flavor that adds depth and excitement to a dish when paired with the right protein. Many global cuisines embrace the qualities that citrus add to a dish, giving you an excellent way to address a second powerful trend: the increasing popularity of international cuisines.

While staples like lemon, lime, and orange are available at high quality throughout the year, there’s also been an increasing focus on celebrating local varieties during their limited seasons, a reflection of yet another powerful trend in the foodservice industry. The world of citrus is vast and includes a wide variety of flavors and colors, however with a common ground of sweet-tart balance and bright acidity, many operators find that a single dish can accommodate different fruits as markets fluctuate and varieties come in and out of season, making it easy to keep menus up to date.

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Source: FSR Magazine – Food Newsfeed