The sun’s not up and breakfast is on the menu, but don’t let that fool you into thinking it’s morning. More and more, dishes traditionally thought of as breakfast foods are playing an increased role on menus at different dayparts, particularly dinner. In recent research from the National Restaurant Association, 70% of consumers said that they want restaurants to offer breakfast items all day long. That’s a pretty significant push and one big reason why you’ve probably noticed a number of foodservice industry leaders doing exactly that.

Already prone to daypart defying behavior, younger Millennial consumers are one of the driving forces behind this trend. That has big implications for the future of foodservice, but it also means their desires are impacting operations at College & University outlets today. In fact, a report from Technomic found that 29% of students say later breakfast serving hours would encourage them to eat breakfast on campus more often, and 35% say later dinner serving hours would make them eat dinner on campus more often. In the ever evolving project of meeting student needs, these statistics mean operators need to rethink the way they structure their menus and embrace the “daypart agnostic” philosophy of their Millennial diners.

Another engine behind breakfast’s move to conquer the menu has been the success of comfort food dishes like the Southern classic, Chicken and Waffles. The dish has given breakfast staples a foothold on the dinner menu that is expected to grow to encompass other dishes like savory pancakes, French toast, and waffles on menus at independent restaurants and midscale chains.

One of the great appeals of adding more breakfast dishes to your dinner menu is that they are typically simple to prepare and give you the flexibility to customize them with seasonal flavors on a day-to-day basis. With products like our Krusteaz Professional Pancake, Waffle, and Protein Pancake mixes in your pantry, it’s even easier to meet this trend and add morning excitement to your nighttime menu. So take a bite of the future and start experimenting with breakfast-style dishes on your dinner menu. Your customers will thank you with increased sales and you’ll feel like it’s a brand new day.

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