At Krusteaz Professional®, we believe in biscuits. Over the past year, we’ve taken notice as biscuits have come to dominate menus across dayparts as consumers are drawn to their homey, comforting taste and operators take advantage of their great versatility. Throughout the country small, independent operators have in many ways led the trend as single-concept biscuit sellers have found significant local followings. While biscuits have had a role on the menus of many large, multi-unit operators this year we’ll see our first substantial fast casual multi-location operation dedicated solely to the American love of biscuits.

Holler & Dash, the new concept from Cracker Barrel, aims at fast casual dollars with a menu full of biscuit-based options, but Cracker Barrel is not the only large operator to trade on the strength of biscuits. When McDonald’s rolled-out its nationwide all-day breakfast menu last year, some of the driving menu items were the chain’s full range of biscuit sandwiches. Other operators are finding opportunities to add lots of variety to their menus throughout the day using just one simple item – the biscuit – as a foundation for an array of dishes.

As we saw last year, biscuit sandwiches are a powerful force driving the overall biscuit growth trend on menus with a wide variety of independent operators creating innovative biscuit sandwich dishes. That trend looks likely to continue, particularly as larger operators take a cue from the success of biscuits on the menu and reinforce consumer demand by adding their own biscuit-based options.

One of the key attributes that consumers love about biscuits is a fresh, from-scratch flavor that evokes the comfort of home, and that’s exactly what you get when you bake with Krusteaz Professional biscuit mixes. Our biscuits have all the great flavor and texture of from-scratch recipes but are incredibly simple to make and produce consistent results every time, so you have the freedom to experiment and create the next great biscuit dish. We offer a whole host of biscuit options so you can tailor your dishes directly to your diners’ tastes. From Homestyle to Country Style to Buttermilk, Krusteaz Professional biscuits are the perfect starting point for any biscuit-based dish.

As the biscuit trend continues to gain momentum throughout the year, be sure and add your own biscuit-based menu items to be a part of this exciting growth trend that shows no signs of slowing down!

Source: Restaurant Business