The 2015 academic year is underway, and as students are returning to campus dining facilities FoodService Director’s “2015 College and University Census” took a look back at numbers from the 2014 school year and forward towards the trends that will shape the year to come. Many of the big picture figures are trending in exciting ways for Campus and University operators, with average enrollment up in 2014 and the percentage of students on meal plans holding steady. The operators polled were also not worried about competition from restaurants located off campus, likely because the C&U space has been quick to adopt important trends to keep their students happy. We took a look at some of those important trends to see how Krusteaz Professional® can help College & University operators succeed in 2015:

Location, Location, Location

A whopping 94% of colleges surveyed in FoodService Director’s Census are buying at least some of their products locally, with the average percentage of locally sourced products at 20%. Colleges with more money to spend are significantly more likely to invest in local products, perhaps because of the higher price tag associated with the leader in local products: produce. However local doesn’t have to cost more, as demonstrated by the delicious, sustainable, and affordable Shepherd’s Grain Baking Mixes™. Crafted from grain raised by progressive family farmers throughout the Pacific Northwest, these baking mixes not only help support sustainable farming practices throughout the region, they also offer the same simple-to-prepared, easy-to-customize consistent results you’d expect from any Krusteaz Professional Product.

Going Gluten Free

Gluten free continues to be a growing trend in C&U dining. With more and more students cutting gluten from their diet for health or medical reasons, the majority of operators agree that offering great tasting and diverse gluten free selections is no longer optional. From breakfast all the way to dessert, Krusteaz Professional’s full line of gluten free baking mixes make it easy to deliver the specialty nutrition your students demand with the great taste they expect. Designed from the ground up to make preparation as simple as any Krusteaz Professional product, our gluten free baking mixes allow you to serve all your students equally without redesigning your operation.

Source: FoodService Director