The New Year is just around the corner and so it’s time to start considering some of the exciting food trends that will shape the industry in the year to come. Last year we saw predicted trends like an increased focus on clean labels, sustainability, and environmental impact come to pass as the industry sought to position itself as increasingly sensitive to consumer concerns. While all those trends focus on important global issues, early predictions for 2017 are showing a return to a more individual level centering on exciting flavors and consumer indulgences.

In one of the first trend lists we’ve seen for 2017 the Sterling-Rice Group has combined looks at the digital community and the world at large to come up with what they’re calling “culinary shifts” that we may experience next year. Of these, one of the most exciting and fun concepts is the notion that chocolate cake is poised to make a big splash on breakfast menus of all places.

The report focuses on recent research that has linked dark chocolate to a wide range of positive health benefits and suggests that this newfound healthy halo may encourage consumers to indulge in one of their favorite treats first thing in the morning.

“There was a study that recently came out from Syracuse University re-touting the benefits of dark chocolate, specifically on cognitive function — abstract reasoning, memory, focus,” says Liz Moskow, culinary director at Sterling-Rice Group. “The thought was eating chocolate prepares you more for your workday, so what better day part to incorporate dark chocolate into your meal than breakfast?”

Other studies have shown that eating dessert at breakfast actually supports weight loss for consumers, leading to a much more permissive and open environment for sweet treats first thing in the morning. It’s a powerful combination that’s sure to reach consumers ears and alter their morning eating mindset.

It’s easy to capitalize on this intriguing trend when you have Krusteaz Professional baking mixes. With our reliable results and easy preparation, you’re free to experiment with creating new breakfast dishes that incorporate dark chocolate and dessert flair. From mini Bundt cakes , breakfast parfaits, and the always popular muffin that take their cues from the dessert menu, 2017 will be a time to have fun with your breakfast menu, delighting diners and driving increased sales of their favorite sweet indulgences.

Source: Food Business News