Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies


    6 lb (full box) Krusteaz Professional® Fudge Brownie Mix 732-0620

    27 oz (3 cups) peanut butter

    16 oz (2 cups) water

    12 oz (3 cups) chopped peanuts

    Granulated sugar



135,1 oz cookies


    1. Place Krusteaz Professional Fudge Brownie Mix, peanut butter, water and peanuts in mixer bowl.

    2. Using a paddle, mix on low speed 30 seconds. Scrape bowl and paddle. Continue to mix on low speed for an additional 30 seconds.

    3. Using #40 scoop, drop dough 2-inches apart onto prepared baking sheet. Flatten cookie dough with fork dipped in sugar to form a criss-cross pattern.

    4. For convection oven, bake at 300°F 10-12 minutes; for standard oven, bake at 350°F 14-16 minutes.