Cake, Cookie, Brownie and Dessert Bar Mixes

Easy Does It: Cakes, Cookies, Brownies and Dessert Bars

People are in a hurry – mealtimes are shorter, the old “business lunch” is now just long enough for… dessert! When your customers are on the go, you can exceed their expectations and desires with Krusteaz quality and taste. Without spending an arm and a leg, or making your kitchen staff crazy. Krusteaz Professional offers a wealth of innovative ideas and new combinations that support your concept and set your operation apart. We will help you turn grab-and-go favorites into delightful moments your customers will remember.

Back in 1932, Krusteaz started with dessert – the simple pie crust mix that was easy to make and delicious to serve, every time. Now, over 80 years later, we know a thing or two about baking up great goodies!

Cake Mixes and Toppings: Krusteaz and Ghirardelli chocolate cake mixes are add-egg-and-oil mixes that bake up ultra-rich and moist. The addition of eggs and oil at the bowl create a rich, moist and luxurious cake that is perfect for special desserts.

Think about: For best results, refrigerate baked cake if storing for more than 4 hours.

Icing & Toppings: Finish off your cakes with Krusteaz icing and streusel topping. Just add water prep – it couldn’t be easier to put the finishing touches on your cakes!

Wow factor: Don’t forget to customize your mixes with new colors!

Brownie Mixes: Krusteaz and Ghirardelli chocolate brownies are handheld favorites that are perfect for the bakery case, grab and go, or plated. Chewy and packed with deep dark fudgy flavor, their super moist texture makes them easy to store for extended periods (up to 48 hours).

Did you know: For more cake-like brownies, use warm water when mixing ingredients.

Cookie Mixes: Krusteaz All Purpose Cookie Mix is similar to a sugar cookie base in flavor. It is versatile enough to make a variety of flavors.

Try this: Krusteaz All Purpose Cookie Mix is a perfect base for chocolate chip, chocolate, peanut butter and lemon cooler cookies, to name a few.

Lemon Bar Mix: A Real Sweet-Tart! Krusteaz Lemon Bars Mix 732-0870 is a one-step mix that combines tart lemon flavor with a sweet shortbread-like crust. The result is a home-style bar that can be plated or wrapped as a grab and go item.


Menu Ideas for Cake, Cookies, Brownies and Dessert Bar Mixes


  • Get creative with mini cupcake trios, using unique flavor combinations: strawberry shortcake, raspberry lemonade, or brown betty with blueberries
  • Go retro with whoopie pies: chocolate, old fashioned vanilla buttermilk, red velvet, using traditional marshmallow cream filling or updated with cheesecake filling
  • Create dessert specialties such as Dulce de Leche or Mississippi Mud Cake with a few simple add-ins like caramel or marshmallow cream
  • Plate popular cake varieties with a signature sauce to add flavor and value
  • Offer whole cakes for parties and self-service catering including coffee cake, chocolate cake snack cakes and custom specialty cakes
  • Leverage the nostalgic dessert trend with a tempting array of creative frosted cupcakes and cake pops


  • Bring on the flavor with lemon icebox cookies, lemon blueberry or chocolate soufflé cookies
  • Top a cookie with fresh fruit and whipped cream and stack for a dressed-up Napoleon, or layer a pair of cookies with ice cream for an appealing ice cream sandwich
  • Merchandise cookies-by-the-box for gifts and takeout
  • Crumble into soft-serve for flavor and crunch
  • Offer mini-cookies as a sweet treat with a specialty coffee beverage


  • Create fun, decadent brownie-based ice cream desserts like sundaes
  • Wow your guests with an elegant Brownie Soufflé
  • Bake into a large round for a show-stopping Brownie “Pizza”
  • Add black or red pepper or crunchy sea salt for a sophisticated touch of flavor


  • Add dessert bars to the selection of accompaniments to your coffee and tea program
  • Layer mix in the pan with shredded coconut, peanut butter or dessert chocolate chips, nuts, seasonal fresh berries or other ingredients for added appeal
  • Finish catering platters and box lunches with moist, delicious and easy dessert bars
  • Transform into delicious creamy pies with the addition of cream cheese or whipping cream

Krusteaz Cake, Cookies, Brownies and Dessert Bar Mixes are Ideal For

  • Midscale family dining
  • Colleges & Universities
  • Local chains
  • Independent Operators
  • Catering
  • Café / Bakery
  • Hotels
  • Senior Living


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