If you’re on the lookout for hot new trends that are poised to shape menus in a big way you don’t have to look further than delicious drop biscuits! 

What Makes Biscuits the Next Big Thing?*

  • All-day appeal that addresses the current popularity of breakfast at every daypart
  • Endless flavor possibilities, perfect for featuring on-trend ingredients on your menu
  • Perfect for “Build-Your-Own” dishes and “Grab-and-Go” options

*Source: “Are Biscuit Restaurants the Next Hot Trend?” Restaurant Business, 2016

Krusteaz Professional Biscuit Mixes make it easier than ever to add drop biscuits to your menu and drop biscuits make a perfect foundation for all your favorite flavors. With our simple preparation you can quickly serve up customized, fresh-baked drop biscuits with on trend savory or sweet flavors your customers (diners) crave.

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